What our clients say

When you are looking for treatments, a teacher or somewhere to work from it's so important to hear what other people say so here are a selection of testimonials from our clients, our practitioners, people who run classes, courses and groups from the centre.


Emily saw Lesley Harper for nutritional therapy

"I can’t thank Lesley enough for the nutritional help and advice she has given me over the years in managing and improving my chronic conditions. In particular my Fibromyalgia, IBS, Depression and Eczema.

I originally went to Lesley to get help with reducing my medications and unpleasant gastrointestinal symptoms such as acid reflux, bloating and constipation. Not only did she help me to reduce my meds from 17 to 4 and to eliminate these gut symptoms, she also taught me so much more about nutrition and general health and wellbeing.

As a result of her input, I have more energy, better skin quality, improved bladder and bowel health, better muscle tone and weight loss had come secondary as an added bonus too.  I also benefitted from Lesley’s calm, kind and compassionate approach, particularly when it came to understanding the difficulties someone like me living with chronic illness faces and the effect it has on mental health.  I would highly recommend Lesley to anyone who wants to improve their health, particularly those suffering from chronic illness."

"Thank you once again for an amazing experience.  I was going to wait but no need.  I’ve felt this pain after a massage before and now I understand what it is... my right hip flexor hurt during driving, also as I was standing cooking.  I did some stretches and guess what? The pain subsided.  Thank you for not only helping me but giving me an understanding of what’s going on with my body.  Finally after years of pain... I get it!!!!"

"I am so glad that I found Lisa during my pregnancy. I started suffering from back and hip ache at around 20 weeks, but my regular massages with Lisa alleviated this, almost completely. She is professional, knowledgable and friendly, and I just knew I was in 'good hands'. Without Lisa I would have suffered and been in constant pain and discomfort throughout my pregnancy. I would highly recommend her 5 * service!"

"I have seen Anna for hypnotherapy for 9 sessions over the last 3 months. Low self-esteem and an underlying general anxiety (which occasionally flares up and leads to catastrophizing) had been ever-present in my life, to the point where I had felt it was normal to feel like that.

Working with Anna to address these deep-rooted issues has really opened up my perception as to how different my life can feel.  The day-to-day changes have seemed subtle, but when I look back to before my hypnotherapy, I can see that there’s actually been a fundamental shift in my mindset which I hope I can hold onto and continue to work on.

Anna herself is lovely, empathetic and non-judgemental. She can explain really clearly how our brains work and what we need to do to alter our thought processes. Working with Anna has been such a positive experience for me and I would definitely advise anyone else with the same issues to give hypnotherapy a try."

Bunny and Anna attend for massages

"My partner and I have always found Exeter Natural Health Centre such a warming and welcoming place to come to for massage. We had really missed it during the lockdown, and whilst we were very excited when Lisa and Richard were able to open its doors again, we were a bit unsure as to how the experience would be and feel in terms of covid-based restrictions. Even before we came in for our appointments, Lisa arranged to chat with us in advance, to check in on our wellbeing and to let us know about the necessary protocols when we visited.

On our subsequent visits for massage with Lisa, we both felt totally safe, at ease and looked after. We appreciated the necessary changes in the fabric of the Centre - the furniture had been pared back, and hand sanitising stations had popped up in several key and helpful locations. However, the energy and feel of the Centre was the same as ever - warm, welcoming and in no way 'clinical'. Essentially it felt like we'd never been away, and whilst in the Centre we could let all our covid-related stresses and strains melt away.

We so appreciate all the thought, energy and care that Lisa and Richard had, and continue to put into the Centre in such challenging times. We are very lucky to have them and such a healing space in the centre of Exeter."

Helen attended a nutrition workshop

"I came to one of Lesley's workshops because of symptoms of IBS. I have always had bloating, stomach pain after certain foods, and constipation.  I tried several changes to my diet over the years, but without much effect. 

In the workshop I learned how important digestive health was, and was really surprised about the holistic approach. Lesley talked about diet as well making lifestyle changes. 

Lesley was very easy to talk to and is very knowledgeable. She explained everything in a way that was accessible to everyone regardless of different knowledge levels.

I would recommend Lesley because of her knowledge and her warm approach. You will come out of an enjoyable workshop armed with simple and easy changes that you can make immediately, and will really make a difference."


Devon School of Reflexology

"Exeter Natural Health centre and its wonderful supportive managers has always been the perfect place for us to offer high quality and professional training for our Reflexology courses. The facilities are excellent, with a large and bright training room and excellent equipment on hand for us to deliver a high standard of training for our students."


"Birthwise has been running our classes and workshops from Exeter Natural Health Centre for many years. It’s a wonderful place to work from. It’s such a friendly and welcoming place right in the heart of Exeter - it actually feels relaxing the moment you step through the door.” 


Karina Price - solution focused hypnotherapist

"I qualified as a solution focused hypnotherapist last year, following which I researched suitable venues to practice and ENHC felt like the right choice for me. All the rooms at the centre are spacious, comfortable and have a high standard of cleanliness.

Rich and Lisa add the sparkle to the centre, they are welcoming and go the extra mile to support therapists and clients. All of my clients have commented on how friendly and welcoming they are. I really like that it feels like a central therapeutic hub of Exeter, with a variety of therapists practicing here."

Lesley Harper - Nutritional therapist

"Exeter Natural Health Centre holds many benefits for me as a practitioner and for my clients.

As a self-employed practitioner, feeling part of the ENHC team helps turn what could be an isolated and lonely work-life into one that is complete with valuable peer support, the sharing of ideas and cross-referrals between practitioners. Within the ENHC’s peaceful and light atmosphere it is easy to forget that you are in the heart of a city centre tucked away from the busy streets below.

As a practitioner I am always confident that my clients are taken care of from the minute they enter the ENHC. There is always someone at reception to make them feel welcome or to have a quick chat with while they wait for their appointment. Prior to the pandemic, refreshments were always on offer too, and hopefully we will return to those important touches soon. 

Lisa and Richard’s handling of the requirements of the COVID pandemic has been truly inspirational. Face to face interventions are the cornerstone of health centres such as ours and the ENHC has been hit hard as others have in the last year, but both Lisa and Rich have adapted and adjusted where needed: from the clarity of signage on entering and throughout the centre, to adapting the furnishings to make sure the environment is in line with Government guidance. 

Lisa and Richard have carried on ENHC’s tradition of a supportive and collegiate work environment, and one that I am proud to have been a part of for the last eleven years."

Patricia Howe - remedial massage therapist and personal trainer

"Exeter Natural Health Centre offers balance and calm as soon as you enter the doors. Holding practice in such an environment means that my Clients are never rushed. Rich & Lisa regularly enquire as to how things are, and are always ready to listen to ideas/requests. The Centre hosts a knowledgable team of Practitioners, of which I take great pride in being part of."