Our commitment to the environment

What Not a load of rubbish!

We have set out over our first year at ENHC to reduce the environmental impact of the business and are delighted to say we have:

  • Introduced a recycling bin for a wide range of recyclable items
  • Changed to a local waste disposal company called T.R.A.S.H. that can recycle more items than the Local Authority, including used paper couch roll
  • Signed up to Plastic Free Exeter and dramatically reduced the use of single use plastics by introducing refillable bottles for hand soap, laundry liquid and most cleaning products
  • Introduced environmentally friendly, natural based cleaning products for all of the refillable bottles, from companies like Bio-D
  • Changed to an electricity tariff based on 100% renewables with ENGIE
  • Introduced toilet paper and tissues made from 100% recycled paper to FSC standards
  • Added draft proofing to all the sash windows in the Centre to reduce our energy consumption. This has also helped to stop them rattling when it’s windy!

We’re really pleased to say that over the last year, we have managed to put approx. 50% of our waste by volume out as recycling rather than rubbish. In terms of weight, the recycling bag is always the heavy one!

Some of our initiatives have been hampered a bit during the Covid-19 crisis, like sadly having to introduce paper towels for hand drying and for wiping surfaces, but even with this we have insisted on paper towel from 100% recycled sources and sourced the most environmentally friendly, yet effective cleaning products.

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