Feeling anxious?

Most of us know how it feels to be stressed, worried or nervous about something. Usually, these feelings are fleeting and they disappear as quickly as they appear. For those with anxiety, however, these feelings last longer and can be much more intense.

If you suffer from anxiety, you may find that you avoid certain situations because you’re worried it will trigger these feelings for you. This can make everyday tasks difficult and hold you back from doing the things you want.

Symptoms of anxiety:
* overthinking
* ruminating
* headaches
* chest pain
* dizziness
* difficulties sleeping
* faster breathing
* nausea
* fast or irregular heartbeat
* teeth grinding
* restlessness

There are several different techniques and tools that can help with anxiety, one of which is hypnotherapy.

Hypnotherapy for anxiety can help boost feelings of confidence and self-belief while reducing feelings of fear and intense worry. It can help you develop the ability to access the relaxed state of mind needed to overcome the often-overwhelming emotions that come with anxiety.
Using the power of suggestion, hypnosis aims to access your subconscious mind and promote positive change. The suggestions themselves can be tailored to help you learn what triggers your anxiety and why, as well as changing the way you react towards them.

Hypnotherapy is effective for adults and children so if you’d like to know more contact Anna or Karina for a free initial consultation.