How’s your weather?

mental health

Does it tend to feel blue, black or grey inside your head and emotional heart?

Are stress, anxiety, depression, or low confidence the wallpapers of your daily life?

Do you experience your physical health suffering if your mental health is not good?

Do the effects of past events still derail you from time to time?

Or do you simply feel out of kilter with yourself and the world, some or all of the time?


It doesn’t have to be like that.

A core part of my years in homeopathic practice has been spent in holding a safe, non-judgemental and compassionate space to help individuals free themselves from the drag factor of any or all of the above. I have been very happy (and at times astonished!) to see just how well homeopathic medicine helps people who are ready to heal, to become whole again.

Homeopathy is a fundamentally natural resource that has always worked through our ‘psycho-neuro-endo-immunological effects’. This is the inseparable mix of thoughts, feelings, nerve impulses, hormones and gut activity that is the driver of a person’s health and wellbeing – it’s science, you can google it. Homeopathic medicine is subtle and dynamic enough to reach deeply but gently into a person and trigger the ‘re-wiring’ needed in mental and emotional states to start the return to a better experience of being, and a better relationship with the self.

Sometimes its effects can seem quite dramatic –

Almost overnight I began to feel more confident in social situations, happier in general, and much, much cooler. I continued to take the recommended dosages, the positive effects continued, and have remained up to the present day. I’m not saying I never blush or get hot anymore (it would be a bit odd as a human if I didn’t), but it is certainly a lot more controlled and I feel a lot happier in myself.(1)

Other times, it can take a little more work over a little more time –

“.. I began a recovery journey towards a healthy self – one which had lain buried under years of fatigue, sadness, depression, addiction, shame and general self-neglect.” (2)

Whichever way it falls for you, homeopathy really can help in shaking off the black dog, calming the tremors in psyche and soul, clarifying and strengthening the core self. The place where it feels okay to open your eyes in the morning and face the world with calm, confidence, and a truer sense of self may be closer than you think.

I am feeling better, definitely better. The consultation was good, really useful; but it really wasn’t until about three days after taking the [remedy name removed] that I woke up and realised that I felt different. Calmer. Seeing things much more clearly. Not reaching for my inhaler the second I opened my eyes. My situation still isn’t easy – really not easy! – but I feel better. I can cope. And it’s going to change; I’ve got the backbone to do it now.” (3)

If you would like some natural, gentle but dynamic help with states of stress, depression, anxiety, or the after-effects of trauma, for yourself or someone else that you care about, book an appointment today.

Sandra Joyce RSHom

Artist: Hazel Joyce

[1] Mr WN-S, age 26, presenting with social anxiety accompanied by extreme flushing/blushing. Now a happily married father of two.

[2] Ms JS, age 48, presenting with anxiety/depression, cystic ovaries and fibrocystic breast disease. Now free of her physical ailments, not dominated by anxiety, depression and low-self-esteem, and able to work consistently in her own business.

[3] Mrs YM, age 46, presenting with asthma and anxiety. Now living her best life, free of the relationship that had impacted badly on her for years, progressing in a job she loves, dealing well with pressures and stresses in her life, and barely touching her asthma inhaler.