We offer a wide range of complementary healthcare services, classes and training opportunities from a team of highly professional, experienced practitioners and teachers.

We recognise that anyone experiencing emotional or physical difficulties needs to be confident that they can fully trust any professional they turn to for support. At Exeter Natural Health Centre you will be met with acceptance, professionalism and care regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, lifestyle, age, national origin, religion or physical ability.

Our historic city centre premises provide spacious, light and airy rooms and a professional yet comfortable environment. As well as our five practice rooms, we  have a large training room which is used for teaching, workshops, yoga classes and groups.

Reception is open Monday – Friday 9am-5pm, where we will be able to make you welcome and to answer any enquiries you might have.


Whether you have a specific health issue or are looking to maintain good health naturally, find the right service for you.


We have a multidisciplinary team of experienced practitioners and teachers. You're sure to find one to fit your needs.

Groups & classes

From Birthwise and Buddhism to Transcendental Meditation and Yoga, find a group or class to help you.

Courses & workshops

Do you want to learn something new? From professional training to half day workshops, find a course or workshop for you.

We're on the move!

We have been operating from our lovely premises on Queen Street for over 20 years but the time has come for a bit of a change.

We’re delighted to announce that during September we will be moving to a new location in the city centre. Negotiations are still ongoing so we can’t tell you exactly where yet but we will announce more details as soon as we can.

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Ready to find out more?

Please feel free to email us with any questions or, if you wish to talk to someone, then do call us and we can talk through things with you personally and confidentially. We're here to help.