Tanya Desfontaines

Tanya Desfontaines MCSP SRP RCST BCST

Craniosacral therapy evolved from osteopathic work, a gentle hands-on holistic body therapy. The biodynamic model emphasises the body’s inherent ability to heal itself given the correct conditions and does not advocate the use of any external force, making it extremely safe, gentle and non-invasive. I work by making a light contact with the (clothed) body, always negotiated and client-led, and ‘listening’ with my hands for changes in the natural flow of fluids and biodynamic potency (the intelligent life-force or ‘inner physician’ responsible for making healing decisions) which may indicate areas which are impacted by trauma or disease. I then assist in establishing a state of balance, a stillness within the body from which the forces contained there can resolve, restoring harmony and vitality.

Clients often report a sense of deep relaxation during treatment, sometimes describing a blissful experience. The body is able to settle and respond to my trained touch with its own healing intentions because I begin by establishing a sense of health or well-being, which in fact is never lost, simply masked by the conditions we meet in life which create the symptoms of disease. Resourcing in this way is the starting point for healing.

Babies and children respond particularly well to this approach as they have great natural vitality and are less impacted by life’s conditions. The experience of birth is usually the first great challenge to our physical body, and although the baby’s body is designed to safely negotiate this journey, strong forces are at work and many impacts can be made which may create sleeping and feeding difficulties, colic, restlessness and behavioural struggles. I have found that this work supports and enhances well-being at the very deepest level, and is effective in alleviating such difficulties.

I have successfully treated complex and chronic symptoms of pain, fatigue, stress, anxiety and depression as well as more straightforward injuries and illnesses using biodynamic craniosacral therapy with clients of all ages and am delighted to offer this wonderful therapy at Exeter Natural Health Centre.

A little background information:
I began my studies at the Royal London Hospital where I graduated as a Chartered Physiotherapist in 1988. After completing my junior grade at the North Middlesex Hospital, I relocated to Devon, where I married and had my family. My post- graduate studies included pain management, acupuncture, manipulative and soft tissue techniques, neurological and orthopaedic rehabilitation and I worked in a variety of NHS hospital and community settings. A growing interest in holistic medicine and frustration at the limitations and invasiveness of the western medical model led me to seek a new way of working. I entered the professional training in Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy at the Karuna Institute in 2007, where I had the great good fortune to study under Franklyn Sills, a world leader in the development of the biodynamic approach. After graduation, I was able to apply and integrate my wide-ranging knowledge and clinical experience into this new biodynamic model. I bring sensitivity, awareness and empathy to my work, a natural gift for listening & responding with clarity and compassion.

Sessions last 45-60 minutes and cost £40 for babies and children up to 16 years. Sessions for adults cost £55 for an initial appointment and £45 thereafter. I am at Exeter Natural Health Centre on Monday afternoons and Thursday mornings and bookings can be made by telephoning the centre on 01392 422555 or e-mail info@enhc.org.

Tel. 07971 913002
E-mail: Tanya@fifthworldcranial.co.uk
Web: www.fifthworldcranial.co.uk