Start Up in Business Programme for New Practitioners

Exeter Natural Health Centre

roomhire_2Here at ENHC we understand that many practitioners setting out in practice would like to work from a professional multi disciplinary clinic and yet find the fees prohibitive when you do not as yet have a client base. So we have worked out a way to help you to develop your practice at very little cost and see your business grow over a period of 12 months when hopefully you will feel ready to take on a session at ENHC if you choose – there is no obligation!

After working with both the School of Bodywork and Devon School of Reflexology for many years, we are in a position to make this offer to any student from these Schools who is recently graduated or at the very beginnings of building up a client base. We are also now inviting any therapist, who has not as yet built up their client base, to apply. You may be a recent graduate or for whatever reason (a  house move, family etc) your business has not yet got off the ground.

“I have been so fortunate to have been able to take advantage of the start up scheme offered by ENHC. Without this I would have struggled to get started with building a client base. It is such a lovely centre to work from with beautiful airy rooms that my clients love. There is such a lovely atmosphere at the centre created by Ali, Mo and all the other therapists. I felt instantly at home and welcomed from the day I started and recommend the centre for any therapist wanting to start or build their business. ” Karen, May 2018  

How will this programme help me?

  • There is very little financial risk. You pay month by month and can drop out at any time. There is no long term obligation.
  • By paying a monthly rent, however low, you will have the incentive to market your business and watch your client base grow.
  • There is no limit as to how many hours you can work and the fees you take are all yours – we don’t take any percentage cuts!
  • You will have the benefit of working within a multidisciplinary, well established, professional centre and can take advantage of working alongside other professionals as well as being involved in any CPD or activities we promote here at ENHC
  • For the months that you pay your rent, you will be entitled to leave your business cards and leaflets on display.
  • You will be welcome to market ideas such as free tasters or money off vouchers etc – whatever it takes to get you going!
  • You will get marketing and business advice from the Practice Manager, should you require it and all the support you need to set up your business. At the end of every 3 months there will be a review to make sure you are happy and on track and to see if you wish to extend your stay with us.

“The new business start up opportunity at Exeter Natural Health Centre has enabled me to run a full course of sessions free of charge for the case studies that have helped me since the beginning of my course. I am so grateful and would not have been in a position to be able to do that without this opportunity. I felt incredibly at home and supported from the first day. It is a lovely place to be and all my clients feel comfortable here. I am really excited about building up my business here and am looking forward to the future at Exeter Natural Health Centre.” Anna Pittard, Amber Hypnotherapy May 2018

So how does it work?

The Start Up Programme operates on a 12 month basis, in blocks of 3 months (trimesters). You pay at the start of every month as outlined below and this money is non refundable, but you only commit to one month at a time. It is your choice as to whether or not you continue. The price rises a small amount incrementally over the year as hopefully too, so does your income.
There are some simple terms and conditions that you will need to read below. If you are happy, please make an appointment to come and meet with us to discuss your situation.

First Trimester (calendar months 1-3)

  • Rent: £50 per calendar month.
  • Unlimited ad hoc hours (normal price £12 per hour)
  • Review at the end of 3 months

Second Trimester (calendar months 4-6)

  • Rent: £75 per calendar month
  • Unlimited ad hoc hours as above
  • Review at the end of 3 months

Third Trimester (calendar months 7-9)

  • Rent £100 per calendar month
  • Unlimited ad hoc hours
  • Review at the end of 3 months

Fourth Trimester (calendar months 10-12)

  • Rent £125 per month
  • Taking a morning or afternoon session – 9.30am-1.30pm or 2pm – 6pm (normal price £160)
  • Review at the end of this full 12 months

After this, we hope you would like to stay and join our team at ENHC at our normal rates which are competitive and hopefully not too much to manage now you have a busy practice! You will also get a full practitioner profile on the ENHC website.

“The Start-Up scheme here at the Exeter Natural Health Centre has enabled me to launch my massage business. I was overjoyed when I came along and spoke to them about what’s involved with the Start-Up scheme. Without the pressure of a huge room rental bill I have been able to try promotions such as drop-in days and various special offers.  I am gaining so much valuable experience in all areas of running a small massage business. I can honestly say that if it wasn’t for the scheme and the amazing support I have received, my business would not be growing as it is – I already have repeat clients booking in.”

The Exeter Natural Health Centre is a wonderful place to work, where I have received a warm welcome from everyone. Ali and Mo are so supportive and encouraging, offering as much help and advice as I need. I don’t think I could have done this without them. If you are thinking about joining the start-up scheme then my advice would be to stop thinking and just go for it. Come in and talk to Ali, she has so much advice and help to offer; give yourself the opportunity to get creative and watch your business grow.” Katie Dalzell

Terms and Conditions

  • School of Bodywork and Devon School of Reflexology students who have completed at least the initial diploma, may apply. You must be fully insured and have the relevant insurance and qualification certificates. ENHC will need photocopies of these.
  • Other recent graduates or those at the very beginnings of practice may apply. This offer is not applicable to people already in practice with an existing client base. Whilst it is accepted practitioners may be seeing a few people at home, you must not already be working from another clinic. This will be checked out with your tutors / website on application.
  • Commencement of the Start Up programme will be after an initial informal interview with Ali Morrish and if necessary, checks with your School.
  • Ad hoc hours must be booked by phone or email in advance. Whilst ENHC will undertake to provide space as much as possible, this cannot always be guaranteed. Rooms may be hired during the day, evenings and at weekends as long as an existing ENHC key holder is on site. You will not be expected to lock / unlock the centre. On bank holidays / public holidays the centre is closed. You will be given advice of when the centre is closed and must work your clients around these times.
  • Rent will be invoiced monthly in advance by email and must be paid on receipt of this invoice at the start of the month. The rent is non refundable, whether you make use of the room hire or not. You may drop out at any time without obligation but are still liable for that one month rent.
  • Should you make sufficient progress to take a half day session from month 9 onwards, the room hire per month will remain at the fee for that trimester. The half day session will be booked as a regular slot on the same day each week, depending on availability.
  • You are asked to follow the same courtesies of all our practitioners in terms of acting with professionalism, respecting confidentiality and looking after ENHC / your room when you use it.
  • Unless you would rather not, we will add you on to our ENHC therapist group email so you can receive any notices pertaining to the centre.