Sarah Henderson

Sarah HendersonI am a fully-qualified remedial, deep tissue and therapeutic massage therapist having achieved distinction in all qualifications including Anatomy & Physiology. I am a practitioner member of the Association of Physical and Natural Therapists and registered with the British Complementary Medical Association.

In the first instance, massage is a gentle soothing and comforting therapy which can induce deep relaxation and allow time away from the busy and demanding stresses and strains of everyday life. I believe it is important to find time and space each day to relax and either switch off from those pressures or re-direct focus to something different and pleasant. Having a massage creates the perfect environment for this, allowing tension to melt away.

Through my training with The School of Bodywork, Exeter and my practice, I have developed a passion for holistic treatment in particular addressing the effect that different states of mind can have on the body. This enables my clients to take responsibility for their own bodies encouraging them to benefit by making small changes to the sub-conscious ways in which they hold and use their bodies.

My practice is evolving as I continue to study the body and its response to all varieties of stress and trauma. The wonderful thing about massage is that it not only works on a physical/physiological level but also creates a calm, safe space for thoughts and emotions to surface and process, benefitting the whole being.

restoreThrough remedial treatments I am able to help and support my clients to maintain or return to an active life with increased mobility and reduced pain. Through therapeutic treatments my clients can indulge in blissful relaxation with this wonderful treat!

Each new client receives a free consultation to determine their requirements. We will agree a course of action, whether it just be a calm, relaxing massage to promote general well being or a series of sessions to address a particular condition. In cases where more than one session is agreed, progress will be kept under constant review.

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