Julie Bladon

Sivananda (Hatha)Yoga / Lomi Lomi Massage / Pregnancy Massage

I’m passionate about enabling positive change through both Yoga and Lomi Lomi bodywork.  Both have led to huge changes in my life and I’d love to share my learnings with you to enable your life to flow more effortlessly and freely.

I can work with you in many different ways such as weekly yoga classes; 1 to 1 yoga sessions; massage sessions; pregnancy massage; meditation guidance; Yoga Nidra; or perhaps a combination to suit your own particular needs.

I am a qualified Yoga Teacher, Lomi Lomi (Ka Huna) Bodyworker, Past Life Regressionist, Future Life Progressionist and Reiki Master.
I have been practicing yoga for the past fifteen years and use yoga to not only develop the physical body but also to remain alert, focused and calm.

I was awarded the title of ‘Yoga Shiromani’ or the Crown Jewel of Yoga by the Sivananda Yoga and Vedanta Centre, one of the strongest practicing yoga lineages in the world, after completing her Teacher’s Training Course in Vedanta.

I have studied Lomi Lomi at Mette’s Institute in Queensland, Australia. Having completed both the Intensive Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Bodywork and Healing course plus the Advanced Bodywork course, I have also studied Huna energy balance systems, using the Polynesian energy points of the body; Huna philosophy & meditation for healing and relaxation; pregnancy massage; Polynesian floor work; joint and bone massage.

Plus as part of my ongoing development I had the honour to train with Papa K, Hawaiian Kupuna (elder), on the Big Island, Hawaii. This training included Lomi Lomi massage, Hawaiian herbal medicine, Breath of Ha (ancient Hawaiian healing system), body reading and adjustments.

Contact me for more information and to book an appointment.

Fees for Lomi Lomi massage – £60 one hour, £85 hour and a half

Aloha / Namaste
☎ 07754 983498