The South West College of Homoeopathic Medicine

The College

The College (formerly known as the British School of Homoeopathy) was formed in 1985 by a small group of experienced homoeopaths and has gained a reputation for a rigorous and dynamic training which is founded upon the essential principles of homoeopathy and grounded in common sense and experience.

Whilst the core team of tutors has remained constant the leadership change, in 2011, has encouraged a re-visioning and revitalisation of our work with students. As a result, we have developed an even sharper focus on clinical work and an increased passion for clarity and simplicity. Being experienced homoeopaths and teachers we confidently encourage students to challenge what we say and do, to listen to other teachers, to talk with one another and to find their own way to being the best homoeopath they can be.

Practitioner course

Our clear aim is to provide students with learning opportunities through which the tools that are necessary to practise homoeopathy effectively and ethically can be accessed and utilised so as to earn a living from such a practice.
The full practitioner training takes place over four years at Exeter Natural Health Centre, Devon and involves eleven seminar weekends interspersed with extensive home-study.
Once graduated from the College, the student will be eligible to go through the registration process for the Society of Homeopaths (SoH) or Alliance of Registered Homeopaths (ARH).

The first or foundation year of the course offers a diploma in its own right which is not a licence to practice but gives a good grounding in homoeopathy. Students wishing to continue their training to licentiate level and to graduate from the college may then embark on further training and enter the second year.

Most teaching sessions involve lively facilitated discussions and students are presented with a range of visual, audio and clinical experiences to further and deepen their learning. Most of our tutors are trained teachers and all of them have a passion for the work. The consistent feedback from students down the years has been, ‘inspirational!’



Patient Centred Learning

A truly patient centred learning is unique to the South West College. From day one of the course, and monthly thereafter, students are presented with clinical experience, sitting in on a patient consultation and then participating in a facilitated discussion leading to the prescription of the most appropriate homoeopathic medicine. All contributions are valued and, whilst the learning curve can feel steep, students gain relevant knowledge very quickly. More importantly, they gain confidence.

We are delighted to be the only homoeopathic training course in the UK that offers such a cutting edge learning experience.

Apply now for a life enhancing adventure in medicine.

To find out more you may visit the College website:
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